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Your manuscript may need more than your passion, inspiration, and talent.




What The Edit Gate can do for you:



A critique is a serious comprehensive examination of your literary and artistic work. Comments and suggestions are made using Word Track Changes. You will also receive a multi-page instructive annotated evaluation.


There’s more to writing the story than typing words. There’s craftsmanship. We’ll work together on your manuscript, examine all the tools in an author’s tool kit, and apply them to your story, chapter by chapter.


Editing trims the redundancies, trivial rabbit trails, inconsistent characterizations, awkward grammar choices, and so much more. Corrections and suggestions are made in using Word Track Changes.

Why we do it


Because your story or poem or song matters

Your work is unique and can touch many lives. You owe it to yourself and your fans to tell it in a way that will help them see their world in a new way.

To help you climb out of the slush pile

Your goal is to increase your chances at publishing success. An editor can be your behind-the-scenes key to claiming the title of published author by maximizing your novel’s skill and artistry.

Still not convinced? Here is another one:

To watch you succeed

An editor’s greatest joy is watching an author grow and succeed. Don’t lock yourself out of your dream.

Enter The Edit Gate.


Our Work

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What our writers say:

“Janice offered a comprehensive evaluation. She was able to point out issues with dialogue and provide resources to assist me. Also, I loved how she truly got into my characters’ heads to make sure I maintained a consistent tone. It was a pleasure working with her.”

J.J. Chow/Seniors' Sleuth

“I was fortunate to find Janice Sheridan to review some of my work. It is hard to share work but working with Janice has been great. The way she gives corrections is done in such a way that you feel she is on your team and only wants the best for you. I will ask for her help in the future.”

Carol Cooney/The Foot Chick