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Proofreading is usually the last step in the writing/editing process. It includes checking over your manuscript for spelling, grammar, silly little punctuation foibles, typos, and spacing mistakes prior to publication. $3.50 – $4.50 per page 


Query Critique

A check for proper query letter structure, opening hook, content, sentence structure, punctuation, and grammar. (Single spaced, one page) $25.00


Novel Synopsis

A check for point of view, tense, content, sentence structure, clarity of story line, plot progression, and character summary. One page, single spaced. $50.00 Includes two revisions.


Novel Synopsis Critique and Condensation

The basic novel synopsis critique and also includes shortening the synopsis to the required length. $60 – $150 Depending on depth and length of synopsis


Novel Proposal Edit

Substantive critique for all components of a novel proposal, including query letter, synopsis, author biography, marketing analysis, cover page and formatting. $200  (does not include the first three chapters) $325.00 (includes first three chapters)



Memoir contains many of the same elements as fiction: plot, characterization,narrative, personal vision, and voice. I’ll identify these problems plus the ones unique to memoir such as TMI and liability.


Literary Magazine Submissions

A review of your literary magazine package submission. Includes your introductory letter, biography, and up to three poems or one short story.


Poetry and lyrics

This includes a proofread of content for punctuation, the musicality, adherence to form rules (or not), all while keeping your voice blended with the phrasing, mood, and tone. I’m looking for images and patterns. I want to feel your poem or lyric. $35.00/1 page. $12.00/each additional page.


Short Stories

A substantive copyedit of your short story. Note: short stories  contain many of same elements as a novel within its own parameters. $200.00/5000 words $5.00 each additional page


Website Content

Your website content mirrors your professionalism. A thorough proofread shows your potential customers that you care about your image and your business. $300/5 web pages.