About  The Edit Gate

“Still round the corner there may wait
A new road or secret gate.”

J.R.R. Tolkien

Long story short

When we choose to unlock the gates along our journeys, we are ushered into intriguing worlds.

I began my literary life by first unlocking the gate into the worlds of songwriting and poetry. I published and earned a few awards before opening another beckoning gate. My journey took me to a two-year writing apprenticeship with a multi-published author then through another gate for editing classes with talented editors of New York Times’ bestselling fiction and non-fiction.

Just as my path was distinct, my mentors took distinct and creative labyrinths to their specialties and I gained from their collective trove of literary knowledge. Each of them taught me new tools and skills. They also taught me that poets can be astute editors.

  • Because poets know how to conserve words and use those words wisely.
  • Poets are observant and pay attention to detail.
  • Poets learn how to build a fourteen-line sonnet from starting image to evocative emotion to a roaring crescendo so that your heart hurts and you crave more. (This is story in minuscule.)

The key to freeing the truth inside your story or poem or lyric is not always writing more words but rather evaluating the words you have already written, choose precise wording, and to whittle away the excess. Much like a sculpture.

Have you written a novel or poem or song? Perhaps you have felt locked out of publishing success. While I can’t guarantee you’ll be published, I can guide you and help you become a better writer. I’ve been  published in Kyria, Beyond the Dark Room, Storm Cycle  2012 Of Sun and Sand, and Three Minus One Anthology, Four and Twenty Literary Journal, The Plum Plum,  Garbanzo, Jellyfish Whispers, Poetry Quarterly, etc.

As an editor, I evaluate thoughtfully with patience and gentleness while being clear and direct.

I invite you to open The Edit Gate. I’d love to be part of your literary journey.

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  • Editor: Fountain Blue Publishing
  • Silver Member: The Christian PEN
  • Graduate of the Christian Writers’ Guild Apprenticeship Program
  • Former Advisory team member: WordSmith Studio.
  • Member Word Weavers of America
  • Professional reader for NetGalley
  • Member American Christian Fiction Association

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